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    if <The player was an admin> then -- Show admin/player tag at another position else -- Show the player tag normaly end
  2. that's on server side and i replaced root to resourceRoot. it does'nt worked again. can you tell me why pickups have'nt alpha on MTA map editor??before trying to make pickups with script i tryed to make pickups with MTA map editor. that was worked but it have'nt alpha. pls hlp me, thanks allright allrigh allright ! i maked a pickup with script and it works ! my problem was position but still it have'nt alpha can you help me?
  3. i insert This Codes but it does'nt worked: function weaponTake () createPickup (3334.8000488281, -7807.5, 673.79998779297, 2, 9, 1, 200) createPickup (3332.8000488281, -7805.5, 673.79998779297, 2, 24, 1, 200) createPickup (3330.8000488281, -7803.5, 673.79998779297, 2, 27, 1, 200) createPickup (3328.8000488281, -7801.5, 673.79998779297, 2, 29, 1, 200) createPickup (3326.8000488281, -7799.5, 673.79998779297, 2, 31, 1, 200) createPickup (3324.8000488281, -7797.5, 673.79998779297, 2, 34, 1, 200) createPickup (3322.8000488281, -7895.5, 673.79998779297, 2, 16, 1, 200) end addEventHandler(
  4. what's the problem in this codes: local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer); if (x == 1554.2001953125) then if (y == -1675.599609375) then if (z == 15.199999809265) then outputChatBox ("Entered", source, 0, 255, 0, false) spawnPlayer (source, 923.5, -1143.5, 392.79998779297, 180, math.random (0,288), 0, 0, spawnTeam) fadeCamera (source, true) setCameraTarget (source, source) end end end ???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. i inserted that the code you say to me but when i go to my server i'm see a black/blank page . what i can do ? i just want say : when player join load the map and spawn the player in the map . please help me thanks
  6. Hi I created a map with the MTA editor map. And now I have the map file with no changes. I want to upload the map player after he logs in and the player where I want to be spawned. Summary of Questions: First question: How do I load the map for the player after login? second Question: How do I determine the player's spawn location?


    yuhuuuu ! no one can help me guys?

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    Thank you thank you thank you and thank you . You are the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤


    Yeah i know that but i want say to system some think like this : onPlayerLogin Load resource <mapName> . And i dont know how i can do this . I dont know what code can do this . And i want after logging in player spawn to the map. And another quastion : map folder's have much map & script files. I want know when i want do some thinks like gate moving i have to write that to wich file? Like every time so sorry for very bad english and thanks for helping !
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    oh Sorry For That !
  11. DANFOR

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    Hi ! when i'm Login to my server console automatic send me some think in chat box . some think is this XD : login : Login Succesfuly ... and i dont want this message . what i can do ? sorry for very very bad eng and thanks for helping . . .
  12. DANFOR


    Hi ! I maked a map with MTA map editor and now i want set this map to my server . >>> i want after logging in ( player ) map goes for them . Sorry for very very bad eng and thanks for helping !
  13. من تازه شروع کردم به یادگیری لوا . . . با توجه به چیزی که من دیدم لوا همش فانکشن و متغیر و . . . هست . میخواستم ببینم که چجوری میشه از لوا برای ساخت سرور که یه محیط گرافیکی هست استفاده کنم . ممنون میشم کمک کنید
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