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  1. local ammoData,weapID = getWeaponAmmoType (item[1],true) this figure writes but what could it have to do with it,all mods are ready just this problem,helpme.
  2. ERROR: DayZ\pickups.lua:598: Aborting; infinite running script in DayZ i don't get any other error
  3. @Tekken can you help me, i don't know what to do.
  4. META.xml : <meta> <info author="Shady" description="DayZ MTA Version" version="a5.5.6" type="gamemode" /> <script src="editor_server.lua" type="server" /> <script src="editor_client.lua" type="client" /> <script src="pickups.lua" type="server" /> <script src="spawn.lua" type="server" /> <script src="vehicle_spawns.lua" type="server" /> <script src="survivorSystem.lua" type="server" /> <script src="zombies.lua" type="server" /> <script src="animals.lua" type="server" />
  5. @Tekken I tried but it didn't work,I do not know much about mta lua, if I send you a special custom pickups.lua file, can you help me fix it?,I try many ways but I can't get a good result
  6. I get this error when I throw my items on the floor,I do not know what to do ERROR: Client (Shady) triggered serverside event playerDropAItem, but event is not added serverside
  7. These are just pictures, you should discuss the details at the discord,I send the details to you by doing luac and you review. :=)
  8. Hello Friends,There was a mod I was dealing with for a long time and I finally finished,but I want to present this to you. More than 100 cars spawn. ; skinTable = { {"Camouflage Clothing"}, {"Bandit Clothing"}, {"Ghost Camouflage"}, {"Ghost Clothing"}, {"Camouflage Clothing F"}, {"Civilian Clothing F"}, {"Rebel Terrorist"}, {"Ghillie Woman"}, {"Ghillie Suit 2"}, {"Ghillie Suit 1"}, {"Jungle Ghillie Suit"}, {"Jocker Suit"}, {"Blooded Woman"}, {"Isis Clothing"}, {"Survivor Clothing"}, } Backpacks = { {"Assault Pack (ACU)",1}, {"Alice Pack",1}, {"C
  9. Hello Guys,Different colored names appear when typing in chat,They write the color code next to the name in the settings section,how can we make it fixed color... fixed color code : #FFFFFF I want everyone to color code automatically like this,Could you help.
  10. What exactly should I write? Can you help me?and will I write it to the scoreboard or meta.xml of the rank system? which. @Tekken
  11. # aa0000 Admin I'm Typing There is no color on the scoreboard,only # aa0000 he is writing. @AfuSensi
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