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  1. Ash2000

    custom cars

    the other players just appear where they normally would this actually also happens on the single player mode you can try it if you use the tommy groupe cheat Ash
  2. Ash2000

    custom cars

    good news (sort of), the problem people where talking about the switching a default 4-door car to a two door car (the computer supossedly crashes), when this happen and 1 person gets into the front passanger sides, and the other two ppl get into the cars where the two spaces should be. If that doesnt make sense, sorry im not with it today but the two-door 4 door isnt a problem
  3. yeh but as long as the handling isnt modified i dont see why ppl cannot like the idea the other way would be MTA making its own GTA3.img or wateva thats call and putting that in as extra cars prob with that is its an extra 360MB to be placed in the hardrive and i dont think GTA:VC would like it
  4. im gonna start up a poll see if ppl want to have custom cars probably the best way to find out
  5. The only problem i can see is switching a two door for a four door visa versa but since your not ment to do that its really use at your own risk, i think custom cars are the way to go, mods maybe not though most custom cars use the dmagic wheels thingy, which is a modification, custom cars wouldnt have to be switchable if the default handling was embedded or encoded to a file or the main excutable, then if the handling WAS modified the handling embedded could be exticuted tempilry overwriting the edited one
  6. would be good is MODS and Custom cars where switchable (mod On/off Custom cars On/Off)
  7. How bout a LAN only version (not say they should ditch the internet version,) Think of this wen playin a LAN version, you normally use either the same GTA:VC or the installation is identical This could allow custom cars and mods, animations/sprites could be fixed so they are no longer jumpy, the "ping problem" could be sorted (other games i use run with bout 0-3 ping where as MTA runs from 10-50) theres others but i cant think of them. i'll post more on if i can think of them. Ash
  8. how bout MTA:LAN just for people who want to play across lan? Like me, any ideas for customs cars yet,across LAN would be fine so you could possibly put in a button to allow/disable mods, in no (almost) every post i've sent has been about custom cars or LAN but i think alot of ppl that want to play across LAN are being left out i mean, wen my friend comes round to play MTA he wants to see my BMW M3 and VW Golf in there and to be honest so do i, wen are we going to see custom cars allow ONLY for LAN games? When are we going to see a MTA for LAN only? how bout Deathmatch + stuntmode rolled int
  9. Ash2000

    custom cars

    I no that i was say wat if you could, the program is able to detect if the handling has been modified so why cant the program inbed the default handling into the main exe so that if the handling is modified it can tempilylyly be replaced, to be honest the only problem with having custom cars is the handling, screw the 4 door to two door problem, having custom cars isnt a problem or a cheat, changing the handling is, and if you can get MTA to tempaleroly change the handling (till your finished playing MTA) then i dont see why you cannot have custom cars. I'm actually surpised someone hasnt hac
  10. wouldnt it be fun just to crash the server though?
  11. Ash2000

    custom cars

    wat if the handling was to set by the server?
  12. hey wat if we got ppl to send an email to them like one they could copy and paste, enough would either get there attention or crash the server Ash ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HUMPTY DUMPTY WAS PUSHED
  13. Ash2000

    custom cars

    Thats why your mean to insert a 2door car with another two door car etc. i dont see y you can have custom cars i've not once changed the handling and wat if you have two computers with the same cars/handling for example the server (or program) could ask the person whether he wats to download the handling file from the other person or the handling file could be merged together
  14. hey i'm a newbie to MTA i was just wondering how would i setup a game? also, how do i find out wat port my network card is using? sorry but im new to this Ash
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