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  1. can any one help me I want to make the voice of the player 3D , how can i do that? HOW
  2. how can i make a discord bot for mta for : servername , players count , map , version , ip type , and some things more like this : https://prnt.sc/vyjlix
  3. Yes, but how can I make it automatic from inside the server? Yes, but how can I make it automatic from inside the server? i went to make is like t.h : bindKey (source , "r" , "down" , "voiceptt") But it does not work
  4. I can talk from the z button but i want to add another so i have two buttons and i can talk from both like this : https://prnt.sc/vvwn0a
  5. Can I make a player not hit someone else and no one can hit
  6. I want to make sure, when I get into the car, is there a driver in the car
  7. I only have a question if I can change the player is Aim and thx
  8. How can I change the voice volume of the players? on voicechat
  9. Ok .. thanks but I went only player . status : hunger & thirty
  10. Hello, I want to show the player's status completely, Like hunger and fatigue I am a beginner , So I need your help
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