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  1. i need a resource or a way to fix this problem The Problem is : i am making movies in Mta so i use "Stage" to do that but i need animation so i use the basic Freeroam GUI it is good but the animation is in Loop always Example: if there is an animation do " run then jump " the player run and jump forever so the scene become very bad i need help please anyone can edit freeroam resource or is there any way to do animations ?
  2. i am using basic freeroam GUI to do animation so, should i edit freeroam or what ?
  3. sorry but, i am a beginner can you tell me where to paste code Or should i edit that or What ? Please help me ! My Movies Making Future will be Down !! So ?
  4. i am making movies but i can't use some animation because all animations are looping i tried to stop loop but i couldn't any ideas ?
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