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  1. Got it workin. Had to change the .exe location, was runnin off one in My Documents.
  2. This error occurs after I hit start in the VC menu, not the MTA menu. It actuactly appears just before it finishes loadin, and it crashes the game. Pressin OK wont do anything, as im forced to boot it up again, and receive the same error again.
  3. http://www.uploadyourimages.com/img/685 ... _error.jpg Yeah, no idea what to do.
  4. LoL..Hey, theres a nude woman layin down by the pool in that flashy mess.
  5. Wow, Everyone is mad at me expect, A moderator..Who enjoyed my post, What is this world comin to?
  6. I wanna apologize for this post http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=6678 I was kinda drunk at the time of the postin, But I do wanna say you guys have done a very good job at making MTA, Great game! And, If you fix the lag problems/jumpy problems, or whatever you want to call them, Then this will be the GREATEST game period. My apologies, and keep up the good work.
  7. You didnt waste your time at all, You can be proud that you translated the impossible
  8. By the way, My inspiration was this post. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=6540
  9. I've never heard of it for PC, Think its just for X BOX/PS2.
  10. Ignore this post, Lmao..I wanted to see how long it would take a admin to fix my spellin, and if it was possible for him too. Anyway, I respect the admin, He translated it very nicely, The original post was like this. ned hlp, cn cnnt o mla, r 9, ps hp mwa. hv tied o rntsall, ry fr pr nglis cnt spll o wll, pws, hum me, m a nb. thx
  11. I need help, I can't connect to MTA.. Error 29, Please help me. I have tried to reinstall. Sorry for the poor English, I'm a n00b (hang on, this isn't poor). Can't spell too well eyetha. Please, I'm a n00b. Thanks.
  12. Ok, Sounds good.. But...Will the max players ever rise, like gradually over time with the versions? With 0.4 there will be 32 peeps,then with 0.5, 50 peeps..And so on, until about 100. I mean, is it that hard to raise the max players?
  13. Im runnin DSL and on every game I can think of, im lag free..But, since GTA wasent quite built for multiplayer, I kinda expected lag issues. Random drop in framerate, stuff like that. And is it ever kinda hard to find somone, with only 26 players.
  14. Got a FEW quick questions.. Is GTA3:MTA More popular then MTA:VC, Or not. Is MTA 0.4, bein released for JUST GTA3, or is it bein released for both? What are the max players allowed in one server?I hear 32, then I hear 96. Is Lag ever a big issue? Or is it kinda like counter strike..Usually lag free.
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