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  1. function building(source, command, detached) xP, yP, zP = getElementPosition(source) local build = createObject(3374, xP, yP, zP) attachElements(build, source, 0, 3, 1) setElementAlpha(build, 150) if detached=="detach" then setElementAlpha(build, 255) if isElement(build) then detachElement(build) end end end addCommandHandler("setBuild", building) When I type the command, a block of hay appears in front of me, but when I type the command with "detach" then I get an error. Can anything be done about it?
  2. I created a "cylinder" marker that allows me to open a window after entering it (dxDrawWindow) and what to do on it if this window closes for me, after re-entering Marker I get an error that such an event exists
  3. How to remove dxDrawWindow with, removeEventHandler?, I would like to turn on the window several times.
  4. I can turn on dxDrawWindow without EventHandler "onClientRender"?
  5. I would like to stop the console for two seconds can it be done? Does not recognize "SetTimer"
  6. Objects created with commands
  7. I don't mapping i want commands where me help delete these objects
  8. How to delete object with help script?
  9. redditing


    How to turn off EventHandler "onClientRender"?
  10. I would like to know where I can find the slothbot script, because I want to know how it works, what the function looks like, etc.
  11. I would like to know what commands I need for this script. And I don't accept answers about "slothbot / slothman" commands, because I want to use commands directed to Ped, eg "CreatePed", the best answer that helps me will get a love of me ❤️