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  1. function StandardWep() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) wep = createWeapon("m4", x+5, y, z) setWeaponFlags(wep, "shoot_if_blocked", false) setWeaponFiringRate(wep, 35) setWeaponProperty(wep, "damage", 25) setWeaponClipAmmo(wep, 35) setWeaponAmmo(wep, 100) end addCommandHandler("OnStandardWep", function(command, state) local s = string.upper(state) if s=="ON" then setWeaponState(wepM16, "firing") elseif s=="false" then setWeaponState(wepM16, "ready") else outputChatBox("There is no such condition of the weapon, you can only use 'ON / OFF'", 255, 50, 0) end end ) The point is that it does not hurt other players, what's more, other players do not even see the line of fire (I mean the yellow line which means how fast the bullets are moving and in which direction) and the weapon itself (M4), I know that you need to use triggerClientEvent but no I know how to apply it, please help me with an example ; -;
  2. Is it possible to change the model for one person so that this person has a different model visible to others? In the sense that I change the model of the M4 weapon and how I hold it, it is visible to others that I have this model, but when they pull out their M4, they do not have this model. It is possible?
  3. I wanted to ask if there is a possibility of the disappearance of the weapon that we are currently holding ... for example, I will enter a function in the script addEventHandler(" onResourceStart ", root, function () giveWeapon (source, 31, 69) end) And the gun I got, I want her to disappear. So how can I do that?
  4. And this will help me get the positions of the NEAREST target I am aiming for?
  5. I have a problem with setElementTarget recently, because I would like to make a script in which when I aim at something, "CreateWeapon" will shoot in that direction, but no matter what I do, it shoots too close or crooked. Anyone got any idea for this?
  6. I am creating a new weapon, M16 I found an old model in GTA SA and wanted to use it, now I am in the phase of creating weapons in the weapon the point is that I have CreateWeapon and shoot as I wanted, but when the M4 created by CreateWeapon is aimed, it is set differently and additionally shoots otherwise, not where it aims, but somewhere above or below it depends on where you are looking By the way, I mention that M16 and CreateWeapon are attached to the bone 25 (12) Okay, never mind, I found the setWeaponTarget function by entering coordinates, but thanks for helping me :D
  7. There is one problem with that when aiming with a gun, then the Bone 25 doesn't work well, because the rifle is positioned differently and the bone 25 doesn't hold well.
  8. How to get the weapon position we are currently holding?
  9. setPedAnimation(getLocalPlayer(), "shop", "shp_gun_aim") I would like my character to move with this animation, which means that when I aim a normal weapon, e.g. M4, I can move, but I can't move with this animation. Please help!
  10. I am creating a new weapon, and is in the aiming phase, but I would like to set the aiming position for the player, that createWeapon ("m4", 0, 0, 0) would aim where the player is aiming, and that the animation set by me [setPedAnimation (getLocalPlayer (), "shop", "shp_gun_aim", -1, true, true, false, false, 250, true)] aimed where the player looks while holding the right mouse button, How can I do it? By the way, I would like to ask if it is possible for the player not to hit when the animation is on?
  11. I have a question, I would like to know if it is possible to make a shot effect, it means that when I hold the M4, it shoots and you can see where these bullets are falling and at what speed, and I would like to recall these bullets. If it is not known what is going on, I did the "M1" weapon model and I would like to make this model as a new weapon, and if the player was holding this M1 then it would have to shoot and the bullets would fall out of the weapon. At the beginning I was thinking about the "CreateWeapon" function but it is possible that there is another option because on average I know this function and if there was any other option it would be great
  12. redditing

    Button Team

    Good idea but i think about lags with server after that
  13. redditing

    Button Team

    And will remove this button event for each player on the team? ("OnClientGUIClick ')
  14. redditing

    Button Team

    removeEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", Button1, OnTeamPlayerClickLVL1) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", Button1, OnTeamPlayerClickLVL2)
  15. redditing

    Button Team

    People, I want to change the event not for one player but for one team in which the player is. So how can I do it? Because if I click this button, this button changes only for one person and not for the whole team