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  1. Features : Dx Editbox Built Just For It Multiple Animation Nice Look -------------------------- Any Question Contact Me on : ! Zash...#0001 ------------------------- Buy Link : https://payhip.com/b/j3K0 --------------------------- Showcase :
  2. It's Now On Payhip https://payhip.com/b/jCue check It Out
  3. I Would Apreciate You Buying this ressources it will help me For Sure / Link To Buy : https://payhip.com/b/5WGn it's made By Discord.js / Gamedig As u see in The photo's it gets the a full Info The Server : Status / Players Number / The Map That Most Of The Players Are In / If it Has A password It Will give that a (True) Word if Not It Will Give You (False) / also Yur server Ping Yu Can Change The Icon By Going To (Command/BotStatus) I Hope Yu Like it My Discord Is : ! Zash...#0001
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fully Functionnel Hud - Health - Hunger fully functionnel Hunger-system works with A timer yu choose - Thirst same as The Hunger-system - Sleep Fully Functionnnel Sleep-system with abiility to add more beds id - Toilet Fully Functionnnel Toilet-system with abiility to add more Toilets id - Cash Money - Bank Money - Job - added a skin icons edited the photo's to get it fited with the circle - added Realtime it's Functionnel with all gamemodes the w
  5. i Have a Costum Roleplay GameMode Whith All my Work in it
  6. I think this ressource is simple That's My opinion and That Price Is A lot For it i guess a 2 $ or 3 $ will be good
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