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  1. You can use cutom dx related functions to create the chatbox, i think the samp chat font has a bit shadow on it
  2. Hello, I'm wordering if it possbile to implment LCS/VCS/VC/LC liked Vehicle Light tails effect into MTA:SA, Something looks like this: Any idea? Thanks btw
  3. Hello, I'm trying to implement the GTA VC Trails effect into MTA:SA. I try to use the hlsl code from skygfx (a popular mod for restore ps2 effect to GTA: SA PC) and load it in MTASA which fails to compile. the official WIKI says MTA:SA use HLSL shader which is identical to the skygfx. Anyone have idea for how to convert it into MTA-SA? Thanks vcTrails.hlsl (From SKYGFX) : float4 main(uniform sampler2D Diffuse : register(s0), uniform float4 RGB1 : register(c0), uniform float4 RGB2 : register(c1), in float2 Tex0 : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR0 {
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