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  1. It might not be convenient for me as I have a full time job, but it's fun to contribute nonetheless. I had a read through the SRS document you guys created, and I saw you want to recreate the website using frontend frameworks (and also add a package manager!). I have been working with some JavaScript frameworks such as VueJS and React Native. I've worked as a frontend dev at GTAHouse.com, which is a hispanic community website (that is down currently due to moving hosts) using mainly vanilla JavaScript and jQuery. I created my own website (it's a free domain, I don't have my own host - also, you can see another projects I have and I am working on!) using VueJS. To have a take on this, I created a simple static website using Express.js, Docker and VueJS, and Bootstrap as CSS framework. I made this in a few hours, but it obviously can be improved. Here's a link to the GitHub repo. The only working links are the home, forums, resources and documentation -> wiki. SOme of the messages, like the welcome message, are directly copied from the current website. Image: As for what I do in my spare time, I'm creating a gamemode for MTA, but I haven't finished it yet.