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  1. Xwaw

    GuiEditor IMAGE

    I just want to know how you can import images into this "dxDrawImage" GUIEDITOR
  2. stPatrick, i want use command "createPed" and with it create ped who following my player
  3. Write me a script how to do it, I will be very grateful
  4. local g = 0 function giveGold() local g = g+1 end addCommandHandler("giveG", giveGold) function showGold(source) outputChatBox(tostring(g), 255, 255, 0) end addCommandHandler("showG", showGold) I mean, I want the "showG" command to show the Player amount of gold, and the "giveG" command wants it to add the Player amount of gold. It is on the client side. PLS HELP
  5. Zainstaluj GTA_SA.exe i przeinstaluj MTA na wyższą wersję, jeżeli to nie zadziała spróbuj zainstalować GTA z torrentów bo są w niej dźwięki i radia, możliwe też że to przez wersję samej gry, MTA wymaga wersję GTA SA 1.0
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