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    Ban appeal

    Before proceeding with my appeal I'd like to explain what happened. Some guy impersonated a fella by the name of "Cookie" (a well known mapper) to fool mapping server owners into giving him passwords of their servers so he could delete all maps. I won't hide the fact that I too joined the aforementioned servers, but I didn't partake in any malicious activity. The funniest thing about this is that the guy then pretended to reveal his true identity as being me, which everyone believed. Needless to say that it's false and I've never impersonated anyone. That lead to me getting banned earlier today for alleged "hacking" (see screenshot below). I have literally no idea what's that supposed to mean. Please consider that: 1) Nobody has solid proof that it was actually me impersonating Cookie 2) There's no proof that I deleted maps, the only proof you could have is the logs of me accessing servers 3) It's their own fault for giving passwords away while knowing anyone can access maps and delete them 4) There's no specific rule that states you can't delete resources 5) This is a relatively small dispute and a permanent MTA ban isn't justified. 6) I have never used hacks, trainers or any kind of cheating software I am hereby asking for a solid explanation and the proofs that you used to incriminate me. I don't know what kind of lies you've been told, so that's my side of the story. My serial: B626A0A5D6F06BB62233756E510F6052 Best regards, Zocki