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  1. Vou chamar meu querido Chamei MaTuURe#0069
  2. Olá, Então cara você pode fazer o seguinte, pega sua função e pelo oque entendi ele da /curar e faz uma animação durante 5 segundos correto? Oque você pode fazer é oque pegar o setTimer por e fazer uma verificação para ver se aquele tempo está correndo, se estiver a função não é seguida Exemplo: local timerCura = {} -- Coloque isso fora da função la no topo if isTimer(timerCura[thePlayer] then -- Verificar se o tempo está correndo ou não outputChatBox("O jogador já está sendo reanimado!.", thePlayer) -- Use para informar que o comando já foi dado. else -- Se a verificação for falsa ai o começa a reanimação. timerCura[thePlayer] = setTimer(givePlayerMoney, 5000, 1, thePlayer, 3000) -- Utilize isso para o script verifica se está ocorrendo o set timer Creio que vai lhe ajudar!
  3. Hello guys, I have a problem where is the following, I am creating a system of clothes with shaders to have more varieties, it seems, I do not know how to apply the shader correctly, when the player goes to the store buys the clothes, the shader is applied to all players, but how do I get the newly connected player to see the shader? Can someone help me?
  4. Hello community, I am creating a customization system by Shaders, where the player creates his modification on the client and, after finishing the modification, each element he selects has a certain "ID" created by me, I want to make the script flow in the best way. . possible, and could someone give me a tip on how to send this information to the server to distribute to everyone and return to the client of all players? Here is a brief syntax: Client: (Note: The element has already been set correctly in the model, everything is correct and I will summarize using the ID's already!) Tshirt = 3 -- These are the ID's that are set in the script. Pants = 10 triggerServerEvent("Script:ServerDs", localPlayer, localPlayer, Tshirt, Paint) -- That would be the way to send the server that I would do most not think correct. Ok, after uploading to the server and distributing it, I may even return to the client to add the fixed Shader to the player, but the way I have in mind doesn't seem to be the safest thing to do, I want to improve it as much as possible. and I would like someone to help me with the right indication. Also, the script would basically add something to CJ's face, I used a t-shirt and pants as an example. In conclusion: I just want that after the modification, make the distribution to the server with the IDs, after the distribution returns to the client of all players to make the modification visible.
  5. Hi guys, I have a server and would like you to give me some important tips for good performance and the shortest possible time on server and client, and one question, I created a Shaders system where CJ leaves White, which can result in frame drops? as all players would use this modification!
  6. Hello community, my first post here! : D, I'm creating a server that involves a lot of players and whether or not I want to work with a lot of information, I've been thinking and how my scripts will use a lot of player tables where they pull everyone from the server if instead of putting the for in server ', the player must process and select the elements and send them to the server, to the server role instead of checking and finding the elements he only needs to send information to the players. Can this improve machine and server performance? Server function localC (thePlayer, _, message) if message then triggerClientEvent(thePlayer, "processClient", root, message) end end addCommandHandler("local", localC) Client addEvent("processClient", true) addEventHandler("processClient", root, function (message) x,y,z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) for theKey,players in ipairs(getElementsByType ( "player" )) do xP,yP,zP = getElementPosition(players) if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D (x , y, z, xP, yP, zP) < 20 then triggerServerEvent("sendMessage", localPlayer, localPlayer, players, message) end end end) Server addEvent("sendMessage", true) addEventHandler("sendMessage", root, function (thePlayer, player, message) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(thePlayer).." Send: "..message, player, 255,255,255, true) end)