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  1. @NeoGM Mande o nome do usuário que esta fazendo isso e talvez ele possa tomar ban por "DDOS". Boa noite.
  2. sonka

    Unban Appeal

    Hello, I would like to ask for an unban. I played MTA a long time ago, but I had stopped because I started playing another game (CS: GO) and also because I had tired of MTA, a while ago my friends were playing MTA and they called me to play, so I downloaded GTA and also MTA and I opened the game but when I went to click to enter a server appeared a ban message that said the following sentence: Disconnected: You were banned from the server by MTA Reason: TRAINER. I found it strange because I had never used anything like this, I have used CHEAT ENGINE to put money in a truck game called Eu
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