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  1. Multi Theft Auto still surprises me with it's possibilities. Well, what would I expect from R* games themselves... Thank you! The resource that you have gave me is really cool and does the job, but, when I press the control for the mirror, the game starts being laggy...
  2. Hi! I wasn't active for quite a long time, because I started playing GTA V. So I'm back with yet another question! Well, I wanted to know, if there is any way to get, and optionally view it with DX or something, what player camera sees in the moment... The cause of this, is because I wanted to make a mirror for the cars, so players can easily see what's behind them. Of course, I wanted to add this feature to my whole car system, which's for now including a complete loader for custom shops, speedometer, supported RGB colors and upgrades when saving and reading car info, etc. BTW,
  3. Here you go: To convert string like "element one, element two, element three" to table, you do: str = "element one, element two, element three" tab = string.split(string, ", ") To convert table like {"element one", "element two", "element three"} back, to string you do: tab = {"element one", "element two", "element three"} str = table.concat(tab, ", ") Hope I helped you too!
  4. Well, i converted this table: {1015, 1008, 1087, 1086, 1084} To this string using table.concat(): "1015, 1008, 1087, 1086, 1084" Now, how can I un-concat this string, to make it table again?? Any ideas? CLOSE THIS TOPIC, I HAVE AN ANSWER!!!
  5. After many tries, I got actually half of my question answered, but still how to do from this: 1001, 1086, 1025 To this: { 1001, 1086, 1025 } Any ideas?
  6. Yet another question, how to fix this weird ugly clamp, etc.: [click] (minimap on left-bottom corner). I am using this code: [click].
  7. Ok, im trying right now with another render target.
  8. Code: function getElementSpeed(theElement, unit) -- Check arguments for errors assert(isElement(theElement), "Bad argument 1 @ getElementSpeed (element expected, got " .. type(theElement) .. ")") local elementType = getElementType(theElement) assert(elementType == "player" or elementType == "ped" or elementType == "object" or elementType == "vehicle" or elementType == "projectile", "Invalid element type @ getElementSpeed (player/ped/object/vehicle/projectile expected, got " .. elementType .. ")") assert((unit == nil or type(unit) == "string" or type(unit) == "number") a
  9. I mean, I have render target, and dxDraw widgets in it. And so, how can I hide parts of widgets, which are apart from edges of render target? Look at this: [click].
  10. Nope I've already managed it to work successfully, but thank you for recommendation!
  11. Maybe I asked in wrong way, maybe yes, maybe no. But the point is, that the image I am rendering has set 0, 0 pos into left upper corner, not in the middle of it. So maybe I need to set center of image, but I don't know how.
  12. I mean, how do I can show exact image section, that player is standing on in the real world now, using dxDrawImageSection()? Like, when mini map is in size of 3000px by 3000px, how to show exact same pos, that local player is on? I tried a lot with: local x, y = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local x = (x * hud.width) / 3000 local y = (y * hud.height) / 3000 --Rest of code or hud.units = 3000 / 6000 local x, y = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local x = x * hud.units local y = y * hud.units --Rest of code (I even tried with just): lo local x, y = getElementP
  13. K, that helped. I didnt knew about it :O
  14. Code: pliki = { mapa = "files/colormap.png" } hud = { szer = 320, przez = 200 } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() setPlayerHudComponentVisible("radar", false) minimap = dxCreateRenderTarget(hud.szer, hud.szer, true) end) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStop", resourceRoot, function() setPlayerHudComponentVisible("radar", true) end) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local r = getScreenRotationFromWorldPosition(x, y, z) dxSetRenderTarget(minimap, false) dxSetBlendMode("modula
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