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  1. look like this I did not understand much what you told me but if you could explain to me in a simpler way since I am new.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with a login that I am doing, I followed a tutorial but at the time of executing my script on the server it does not show how it should (the panel does not appear) I resorted to putting a command to execute it. function login() GUIEditor.staticimage[1] = guiCreateStaticImage(0, 0, 1280, 960, ":loginG/imagenes/ap.png", false) GUIEditor.label[1] = guiCreateLabel(400, 410, 96, 15, "USUARIO:", false, GUIEditor.staticimage[1]) guiSetFont(GUIEditor.label[1], "default-bold-small") guiLabelSetColor(GUIEditor.label[1], 245, 225, 8 )
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