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  1. What is the function for displaying a Dx panel when clicking with the cursor on the player ??
  2. function MostrarBlip () login = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)) if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..login, aclGetGroup("Lixeiro")) == true then if setElementVisibleTo(Blip, root, false) == true then setElementVisibleTo(Blip, root, true) outputChatBox(" ", source) outputChatBox("#00ff00[Trabalho Lixeiro] #ffffffFoi marcado a localização em seu gps",source, 255,255,255, true) outputChatBox(" ", source) else setElementVisibleTo(Blip, root, false) outputChatBox(" ", source) outputChatBox("
  3. I wonder what code causes an object to stick to the character, for example a money bag on the character's back. and what is the difference in using, player, thePlayer, source. And also the difference between server and client please!
  4. Help Me Please !! i'm making a script in some part of it, the character makes an animation but i don't know how i make the character stop the animation.
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