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  1. Hello, I need help with this, I explain. When I add a Resource to the Server, and activate it by the panel, it takes me out of MTA and I get this error. The worst thing is that it happens with all the resources. Just in case, I use Filezilla to upload resources. Could you please help me.
  2. HUMANS VS ZOMBIES - 100% ZOMBIE MOD Survive or die! (RECOMMENDED ENTER WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE!) mtasa:// https://discord.gg/q6UKyAK Today I announce a new server for MTA, unique and rarely seen in MTA, called "Humans VS Zombies 100% Zombie Mode" This Gamemode is inspired by CS 1.6 Zombie Plague, obviously developed in MTA, it is very fun and addictive, to be more organized and explain everything that this Server has, we will answer more frequent questions (In these questions, there will be the whole explanation of the Serv
  3. ENGLISH TEXT: Today I come to announce to all the players of MTA a new unique server, with a Gamemode different from all the others, since in the list of MTA servers of these years, there is no server or Gamemode that has similarity to this. Why?. Now they will understand. ATTENTION: I need you to read everything that I am going to explain to you below, if you do not read, you will not be able to understand! - What is the Server about? : The Server is like a Zombie Plague, similar to Counter or Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. What do I mean ?. I mean the server is a Zombies vs. Humans. Similar to TDMA
  4. ENGLISH: Good, I need staff for the server Chaos.biz.to || 100% Zombie Mode, I need staff to speak Spanish and speak English, the Server is like a versus (Similar to Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Plague), the reason I need staff, is because I, who am the owner, need protection to the server, I also need help to organize server stuff. Please, contact me at discord, my discord: Izaaqk#0780, It is very important that you enter the discord server of Chaos.biz.to: https://discord.gg/YHBZbJb , I hope I can count with your help :). SPANISH: Bien, necesito personal para el servidor Chaos.biz.to || 100% Z
  5. Can you please help me, could you send me a client or server.Lua already written with all the functions, there are 2 teams, Zombies and humans so that when the zombie team player kills a human team player, he also becomes a zombie. I don't know much about scripts, so I need help please.
  6. Welcome to the Chaos.biz.to! Community, today I will present what the server has, it has varieties of mods, it has Minigames like Versus Zombies vs humans (With that minigame you make money!), It has cinema, it is Freeroam, It has real cars, it has improved hud, it has zombies, it has misterix mod, it has gasoline in the cars for more realism, it has special zombies like the tank or the hunter, it has real gun sounds, it has drop, it has pvp, it has Tsunamis, earthquakes , real sounds of the environment, and more things that may surprise you, such as events too. Join the "Chaos.biz.to" communi
  7. ENGLISH: Hello, I need scripters to help me develop the servers in my community, there are 4 servers that will be hosted on December 25, for that reason I need a scripter to help me with the servers. I hope to have your help! SPANISH: Hola, necesito scripters que me ayuden a desarrollar los servidores de mi comunidad, son 4 servidores que se hostearan el 25 de diciembre, por esa razon es que necesito scripter que me ayuden con los servidores. Espero contar con su ayuda, gracias! Help Plis!
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