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  1. it happens in loadAllVehicles
  2. Hello so i just watched a tutorial and tried to re-write exactly the same code as on the video it seemed to work throughout the tutorial but then at the end the error's started to pop up , BAD ARGUMENT @ 'setElementData' [Expected element at argument 1 got boolean] I have no idea what to do i tried to solve it for a long time now without effects.
  3. Work's Thank you so much ❤️
  4. yeah it works but it does not remove the gui after i leave the marker
  5. Hello, So i just started my journey with Lua and wanted to create an simple "info pickup". Basically you hit the pickup ((invisible marker)) and you see the info gui and i wanted to make few of these pickups around the map so i used a table to store the coordinates there but i found out that only 1 marker show the gui and other doesn't. I would like all the markers to show the same gui.