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  1. I welcome you to The Gaming Gang official Discord Server! We have created this server to unite all gamers in one place. Our discord server offers you some custom channels and some voice channels to talk whilst playing games. We are still developing this, therefore, there are still some missing voice channels or text channels. In #inquiries channel you can vote for roles, channels or anything else we asked you related to our Discord Server! What can I find whilst I am there? You can find chat & voice channels about games such as MTA:SA, Fortnite(PC/Mobile), PUBG (PC/Mobile), Call of Duty(PC/Mobile), CS 1.6, CS:GO, League of Legends(PC/Mobile) and much other games in one discord server! We also offer you giveaway channel, giveaways can be different each time we make it. Join and browse in our Discord Server for more stuff! Invitation link: