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  1. I don't have specific budget, we can negotiate, I have pretty much big list, Text-based, I can pay; depends on everything, I'm using paypal REF
  2. Is there any good english rp server?
  3. I want to know; what is the cost of server maintenance; I mean gamemode which scripter do? How much could be worth? Mapping? Webmaster? Hosting/VPS or something - how much cost? I mean RP project
  4. I'm looking for professional scripters and mappers, which create gamemode from scratch, it must be unique server with amazing climate. It will be RP gamemode. I want gamemode in English or Polish language Scripter have to; Throwing coold ideas that can be used on MTA Experience when it comes to RP servers; playing on some projects, even foreign ones, welcome Doing thei work reliably, correcting mistakes etc. Knowing things Mappers have to; Have knowledge Can edit and creating objects/exterior/interior They are doing aestethics work, which are perfectly fitted