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  1. I have a suggestion regarding toplist

    I have observed that the change that has taken place to prevent abuses because of the hosting companies
    there is no effect, and also the policy of not changing the ip of those who signed up for the toplist ends up harming those who signed up and favoring the hosting company.
    the following situations happen
    - hosting companies continue to register ip's in the toplist and sell 506% above the original value
    - when a customer starts with a server at a hosting company, he usually signs his server up on the toplist
    however, as there are many registered servers, he often ends up switching hosting services (either for the reasons of
    excessive falls, poor support or even moving to better hosting), it turns out that the company
    to see that the customer left, takes advantage of the registered ip and puts the sale as soon as it arrives close to entering the main list

    I suggest that when signing up for the toplist, an email could reach the person who signed up informing the position at the time he signed up and
    at the time of registration and could only ask to change ip when it showed proof of receipt of registration as well as notification
     24 hour reservation service that arrives via botbot@multitheftauto.com.

    so this is my suggestion
    Thank you very much in advance


  2. I registered the server's IP in the toplist months ago when I used another hosting service, on December 18th, the email from botbot@multitheftauto.com arrived for me
    and made the payment via paypal at the indicated link, but I would like to change the ip, because I no longer use that ip, I am using another one now, I sent a message to ccw two days ago and I still haven't got any answer.

    the ip was this :
    current ip op is this

  3. Hi.  In the story of GTA SA, you start with a little health bar, and at the end you have a big health bar. As if you in the beginning had like 100 health points, and then you have 150 health points. How could i use this on my MTA server? I want all the players to have the big health bar.




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