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  1. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but I think its too early to incorporate such things as pedestrians and other NPCs. Personally, after all the bugs are fixed, I think the team should start working on increasing the amount of players that can play. Whoa I gotta go, more later.
  2. http://www.oni2.net/ Yea it's in its VERY early stages, but still... they have the same dream that the MTA developers had a few years back. Maybe the MTA team can give them some advice?
  3. That keeps my patience steady, assuring myself it will worth the wait...
  4. PhatMan


    I, too, LOVED mafia. But, to be honest, I'd rather just see the team perfect Vice City and GTA3 before moving on to a another game.
  5. My favorite group has to be "Guy." I've been lisetning to their cd recently. Lately I've also been listening to alot of bhangra, (Panjabi MC, Punjabi Hit Squad, Sahotas) rap/hiphop, (older Busta Rhymes, Deltron 3030, Madvillain, also gettin back into the Beastie Boys ) dancehall, (Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Scare Dem Crew, old school Shaggy) techno, (Rob Dougan, Daft Punk, Alex Gopher, Demon, Ethienne De Crecy, Thievery Corporation) and a lil rock here and there. (Thumb, Ozomatli, Less Than Jake's "We're all dudes") Also in terms in rock, I'll dig anything from the 70s and maybe
  6. According to an article I read about a year back or so when Sims Online was released, Rockstar said they were thinking about a project of an MP GTA. The real question was, whether or not there would be a fee to play online.
  7. racist jokes can be funny when you're directly talkin to the group of friends and EVERYONE gets picked on. But the racists in CS is not for "fun."
  8. I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I just wanted to say I'm done with CS, DoD, or any of those other racist online shooters. I'm sick of a community with racist bastards in every server, who would never say such shit in real life. I've been called a "nig" for the last time in a DoD server yesterday by some dorky white kid. I got a mic n bitched him n 2 others to silence in a matter of seconds. Thats the first time a game has pushed me to think of commiting violence. So I'm to say I'm done with all that shit, and I'm sticking to MTA all the way. Here are my reasons: 1) A
  9. While playing, this dude offered to pick me up. He gave me a ride in the Love Fist limo to anywhere I wanted. Man, living the high life in virtuality....doesn't get any better than this.
  10. Actually, nevermind about gamecube owners. I just recently found out that it is, in fact, being released on the gamecube. I just didn't happen to see it on Gamestop.
  11. I'm pretty sure Gamecube owners are the most disapointed about the game, because they don't have any alternative. Mafia and GTA are only out for PC, Ps2, and Xbox.
  12. Lol...you gotta be kidding me, I was just about to post that. But yea, Imma stick and be loyal to MTA. Because for some reason, I feel Activision is gonna screw it up.
  13. I'll join...if y'all are laidback you got yourself a member.
  14. Bots? Time is precious, and I think as some people pointed out earlier, making bots wouldn't be a good time investment right now, compared to the many errors/bugs that are already in the current version. Everyone needs to chill on the major add-ons until we actually get to a v1.0.
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