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  1. We still want your feedback men, everything is welcome! Visit our server today!
  2. Hello, first of all thank you for your feedback Fist. We are a new server that opened less than a week ago. We do statistics on player eliminations and deaths, as well as wins / losses to get the best balance, it's not perfect yet and we're aware of that. Do not forget either that CSGO and GTA: SA have a huge gameplay difference. We can not just copy the CSGO balance system and we do not want to, we just want to create a game mode in the same CSGO style with the gameplay of MTASA. Regarding the maps, you are right about the map in the video (de_jackson). The bomb site needs to be redone. We noticed it with statistics, as I said before. Our team to map is very limited and we are rather strict on maps. Thanks again for your feedback.
  3. Hey everyone, Our developers have been working on a new game mode for the past couple of weeks and we are glad to finally being able to publish it! Today (21-11-2019) we would like to present you our new gamemode - Bomb Arena AKA MTA CSGO. Fight your way through the Counter Terrorist lines to plant that bomb or try to stop the Terrorists by killing them or defusing the bomb once its planted. Offering completely revamped weapon stats, custom grenades, planting bomb script and an economy system. Since it release our server was growing fast and I can now say we grew a strong base community already with 20 online a day which is huge for TDM. However if we manage to get more, we'll release lobby system for that perfect 5v5s. Here is a little preview about how it looks in-game. , Skip untill 1:00:00 in order to see. (keep in mind many pushes and updates have been released ever since, to see which join our discord server with the link provided below) Please join today and help us grown even further! You can now join the server via server IP: mtasa:// ! Cheers, Lincoln