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  1. Thanks so much man Massive help!
  2. Hi guys, I'm wondering if certain values are known from the "race" gamemode. The values I am looking for are: - The duration of the NOS in the "race" gamemode (how long it lasts, should be around 20 seconds however I don't know the exact value). - The height of the bump you receive when you drive over a vehiclechanger (you get bumped slightly, I am looking for the height of the displacement/bump you receive). If anyone knows the value of these things that would be extremely helpful to me. Thanks in advance!
  3. Seriously? "Sounds reasonable to me" doesn't mean that I agree on the pricing, just that I think it was reasonable. This was in no way official. You're just making a fool of yourself right now. Yet you made your unnecessary post on this thread after you didn't get what YOU want while nobody agreed on it. Just stop.
  4. I said I liked the 250 euro for the 3 gamemodes price, not that I accepted the deal. You act as if I owe you any money but I really don't. You sent me the files randomly without any permission. Here's the proof of that. Just randomly sent it. Don't try to blackmail me when you are clearly in the wrong. That you immediately released the gamemode for free speaks volumes about your intentions. I'm now sure you were trying to scam me. Be cautious.
  5. As a response to the guy above: The guy came across as very aggressive throughout all of our conversations. He wanted to test his gamemode with me so I said sure. He'd make a local server so we can test it together. He couldn't manage to do that though, and without me saying anything about it (I do never want a resource before I've paid, I want to see it on a server, then I'll pay, then the scripter sends the resource) he just sent it the resource on Discord and said "put it on your server so we can test together". Didn't think much of it at that point and did that. To be fair I liked the base gamemode and saw a lot of potential. Then he was like "alright, when are you paying me?" I was like, uhh. We didn't even discuss a price for it yet? And you don't know what I want with the gamemode? There's a lot of work to be done. Than he just said a price (seemed random and quite high to me) and wanted me to pay 50% (60€) up front and then the remaining 50% when the script is done. He seemed very hasty on getting my money. We tested at 1AM and he expected me to pay right after while we didn't even arrange anything and he just sent me his unfinished gamemode without me wanting that at all. So now he's twisting it that I'm the scammer. While I'm not saying he's necessarily a scammer, please be cautious in using his services. I've had a lot of responses to this thread and I've found two good scripters so far, who I've paid accordingly using the 25/50/75/100 system (pay after every 25% completion of the script, and I'll pay 10% up front to the scripter). I'm open for other systems but this guy expected me to pay 60€ to a guy I don't know, and once I refuse he says I'm the scammer. I will upload some screenshots of our Discord conversation in an hour.
  6. My apologies. So, I'm Liam, been playing MTA (mainly DM) since around 2008. I've always had a dream of launching a server myself, and now that I'm old enough I can finally realize that. I've recently returned to MTA and I've lost my login credentials, so that's why I've made this new account. I'm looking for one professional Lua developer (server needs to be synced to a website too to show statistics etc) to help create a multigamemode server. This is a PAID position (pay-per-script created), and money is not an issue. I just want to see a childhood dream finally realized. It's a bit different compared to a normal multigamemode server, but I'd prefer not to explain the details in public. The scripts are quite advanced however, so be wary. With the exception of these few scripts that will make the server unique, it'll just be a "regular" multigamemode server. So if you're any interested, please don't hesitate to contact me on my Discord (Liejam#6969).
  7. We are currently working on a very big-scale MTA server, possibly the biggest project in the game. For this, we need one more advanced developer with a lot of experience scripting for servers. There will also be payment involved. Money is not an issue. There's 2 of us working on this, me included. We're both programmers, but I'm admittedly not good enough to create what I have in mind. I can help with front-end stuff, as I love designing. I'm also a good video editor, which will come in handy. If interested in taking this offer, please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord (name below) or put a reply here. Thanks in advance! Discord: Liejam#6969