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  1. 1. Like Mr Bump said, when u see a garbage truck and think "ohh i need that", for the car collection mission from GTA3 and realising that u actually have your hand on the handbrake 2. putting t in front of everything u type regardless of being ingame or not 3. You have been to http://www.pogothemonkey.com or any of the other sites 4. If Billie Jean (Or any other track from VC) comes on you find your speedo constantly increasing and start looking for groups of ppl 2 mow down t--Unreb
  2. unreb


    The TmM server runs a script requiring anyone logging on with a tmm tag to enter a password or they are automatically kicked in 30 secs..... Speak to DuffBeer. --Unreb
  3. Firearms 3 Sven Co-op 2 Tactical Ops 1 Multi Theft Auto 76 Natural Selection 2 Day of Defeat 0 Eve of Destruction 1 Desert Combat 5 Enemy Territory 0 Unreal II XMP 0 UT Jailbreak 0 update --Unreb
  4. I suppose though someone could quite easily write a program to inject that packet with a random SID.....then again maybe the code could have some sort of checksum generator for a sort of 3 way handshake?? ?? --Unreb
  5. no.... But that was damn fast --Unreb
  6. Dont know if this is feasable or not, but in order to help in the war against cheaters why not have the MTA client send an id packet to the server containg the machines SID or a files GUID, thus ppl could then be banned via this unique number rather than ever changing ip's and nicks. Of course there are SID walking programs etc out there but i doubt ppl will be changing SID's all the time. Just make sure no one spoofs your SID --Unreb
  7. What is the point of cheating on the multiplayer version...... great yeah u win, good kill. If u want to cheat ...play on a cheat server. --Unreb I hate being accused of cheating too
  8. From a server i managed to get on briefly.... Here the flood would come and go, occasional bursts kicking 3 - 7 ppl VCES>Smog posted the ip the flood was (apparently) coming from []...the flood then changed from OWNED to ... everyone was kicked then --Unreb Reporting live .....
  9. There seems to be alot of admins testing scipts tonight then.....the TmM, HH, ankh servers are all emptying. Most servers are emtpy with one or two full ones according to the eye. And the script is kicking everyone.... --Unreb
  10. Happily playing along, has happened twice so far tongiht in 1 hr both times on uk servers.... and this goes on and on....1st time the mta client crashed, 2nd time i left b4 it did. Any thoughts?? --Unreb
  11. Exactly the same thing happened to me....killed 3 [COP] players with my mighty m60 ..... and got banned.... emailed admin and got unbanned. It was a good server no cheats --Unreb
  12. Hi....1st post. GODDAMN SUPERB, THX CODERS I now own this game on the PS2, Xbox and PC. Multiplayer is a godsend. I was going to start a new post with thanx for the dev's but one already existed . Thx for spending your time and effort coding this so i can sit there in a drunken stupor running ppl over and giving lifts to my friends. And like every other *honest plyrs I hate cheaters, what is the point....of course u will win u have /insert cheat name/ cheat running. *skillful looking forward to next version.... --Unreb
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