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  1. The project will be postponed for a little while. I will be experimenting more and releasing public scripts to help me vision a clear structure of what approach I would like to take with this resource. I believe by making smaller resources and publishing them will help me with the correct approach for this project. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask!
  2. No sadly it is not, they have abandoned their project since. But I do plan on using a different approach of realism compared to them with extra features.
  3. Thank you for taking interest in this project, will be updating the progress shortly!
  4. Home | Github | Releases | Download Overview The main aim of this gamemode would be to introduce two different styles of scripting within the scene of Multi Theft Auto. You only ever rarely see them used, and the plan in this project is to use both styles together to see how far I can actually get with the project until a hurdle appears which would probably cause an issue. It will only be based on CEF and OOP, it is a challenge that I have set for myself to see how far I can exactly get without having to rely on Standard CEGUI. How can I download it? Simply press download and you'll receive a direct copy of the latest version of the gamemode. There will be a version checker implemented within the gamemode soon also which can help you keep track of the latest releases. But CEF is slow, why use it? Well the main aim is to see how optimised the gamemode can possibly be and to maintain this throughout the whole gamemode itself. If for whatever reason CEF starts to slow down the whole gamemode itself it will most likely be revamped and adjusted so it's barely-not noticeable. It could be hard working with CEF from time to time especially when you have to tackle a difficult task such as inventory systems or more advanced systems; however I hope to solve them all during this fun/hobby based project. Can I contribute to the project? You will be able to contribute once the basic core of the gamemode itself is completed. If you have any suggestions, you can leave a reply below and I will definitely consider them. Screenshots (Click to enlarge):