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  1. Apparently you were founded in 2016, and so far all you have to show is leaked vG scripts, and the leaked Summit Roleplay UCP?
  2. Split between LV, and SF. LS is the best imo.
  3. I don't see a split language roleplay project going anywhere, this will cause a lot of problems in regards to English ~ Hungarian's with communication. You're best off either choosing English, or Hungarian as the one and only language. Although I'd strongly suggest not using English as the language for the server as there's hardly any English speaking roleplayers on MTA anymore. Maybe less than 50, if that.
  4. Isreal1

    MTA vs SA-MP

    SAMP for finding populated English speaking servers... MTA for script development.
  5. Is this from the same developers as Kinetic Roleplay that was around years ago?
  6. Have you tried uninstalling previous graphics drivers, then install your onboard graphics drivers? If that does not work I'd try reinstalling both GTA:SA and MTA.
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