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  1. How come everyone likes open sauce? What is it? Why is it better?
  2. Yeah, there should be a gang option (like career mode only you choose gang like in MTA0.3). Then you could help your friend gangs against other gangs. Hatians and Cubans could fight.
  3. Wasn't eAi once part of the MTA team?
  4. bobo_5932

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    If option 1 is done then what will happen when the boats are synced?
  5. bobo_5932

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    I already said that Trust.
  6. bobo_5932

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    Although yes I would prefer option 2, I believe that it should be number 1 at this stage but if it is ever possible to unlock all islands without teleporting then I would like it if the server admin could choose whether to be on island 1, 2 or 3 OR choose to unlock them all for free-roaming. Also, when the mod gets more advance (i.e. if it can unlock all islands)then it would be good to have more players e.g. 64 to cover the islands. BTW, will the train ever be enabled in GTA3:MTA?
  7. I believe all these things are possible because GTAt (don't know if I should menton this) has synced weather and time. Also, Friendly Fire WOULD be a nice option.
  8. It's top secret at the moment only the MTA team know what's being put into it. They will tell everyone about the new version when it is released or when it's just about to be released. So far, I think the only thing everyone knows of the new versiopn is that it will have a much improved netcode (so less lag) and more fixed bugs.
  9. MTA are making their mods 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 etc. because they're beta and contain alot of bugs. When the final version is out it will have haps of features and hopefully no bugs and will be called 1.0
  10. Gran Turismo 4 WILL have online capabilities.
  11. That's what I was thinking. MTA kept a big hype up about there being a 0.3.5 but it never came out and never will because 0.4 will.
  12. There is already a MTA:VC 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and there is also GTA3:MTA 0.1, 0.2a and 0.3b so which one are you saying that has no previous versions? Also, I am with the other people that said this. I believe that the MTA team are incorporating both GTA3:MTA and MTA:VC into the one client. That's probably why there hasn't been an update on the progress bar because Vice City is probably only around 20-30%. Once Vice City is 60% the progress bar will be telling the truth and when both GTA3:MTA and MTA:VC reach higher (i.e. both are 70% or so) then the progress bar will update. I hope everyone unders
  13. I believe everyones version no matter whether it is Aussie or not. Do you mean that when you restrart Multi Theft Auto within the menu? If so I think everyone gets this problem.
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