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  1. i got the one at the home page. but I will try that one
  2. it says invalid version and wont even let me join the game
  3. it says somthing about invalid map or somthing.
  4. not for a server, I want to join a game that has it
  5. yeah i reinstalled everything onto C and it works
  6. yes it was. Switched VC to drive C and I am gonna install MTA on c as well.
  7. i've reinstalled MTA about 5 times and thats where vice city is now.
  8. well see the thing is, my VC game is in D not C
  9. ERROR: 'C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\default.ide' could not be located. Please reinstall MTA or specify the proper Game Path (MTACient.exe -resetgamepath /Reset Game Path Buttom). Thats what it says when I find the correct starting thing and it decideds that it wont take it and says that ^^ HELP!!! PLEASE!!! I go to ASE and get on an IP and connect but the stupid thing is stupid
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