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  1. Family Guy is by far, the best show on tv.
  2. I get a refere page when i try to download them all.
  3. Your sig is hard to look at. And no.
  4. Pics of this secret hidden door thing.
  5. That works quite good, before mta:vc was out i played with a bunch of the mta team, seems pretty clear.
  6. 360s etc, are pretty easy, when you're going up on a jump press wheelie button, then handbrake + downleft or downright. If you do it right it should work.
  7. I think the new site is great, I don't like the buttons at the top of the main pages though.
  8. Multiplayer doesn't even work, I played it with a friend and on my side of the game I won, but on his side he won. We both even took screenshots of both the games and each one had different scores.
  9. You guys are probably picking mafia instead of diablos.
  10. The movies don't seem to show much lag either, pretty smooth.
  11. -Roger-


    It's not lag, it's just the sync isn't as good as it could be.
  12. If you don't care...then why'd you make this thread?
  13. I think it's a good idea, you can tell people where to meet and stuff like that.
  14. I've never seen anyone on the roof.
  15. Very nice, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure it out.
  16. http://www.redspikelan.tk/ doesn't work for me.
  17. Those are some really nice screenshots, especially the speedometer one.
  18. yep, not to mention it doesn't drop your game to like 10fps
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