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  1. I want to use THIS resource because it's place shaders to all vehicle (non-UV vehicles too) it's working but how can I position the stickers? like I want to place on doors or roof or hood? And how can I place multiple stickers at the same time ex: roof & doors
  2. That's a gui not dx and just a dropdown can't use arrows (up,down,right,left) and doesn't have submenu
  3. I understand now. Thank you so much for the help and for the explanation!
  4. Yes, this is way more cleaner, thanks. But I don't understand clearly, sorry. So what I need to do with the table? For example I want to set the deagle stat 999 how will the table look? id 1, stat 71 owner 1 and where do I put the skill value (999) ? or I dont interpret well?
  5. Where can I find a simple vertical dropdown menu? Or just a tutorial how to do it? I really did research before opened the topic but almost find nothing about dx menus.. all of them are guis not dx or just the find mouse cursor position thing. Or what's the easiest way for a beginner to create a simple back colored (50% opacity) dx menu but I want to use arrows instead of mouse click... I mean up,down,right,left arrows for moving up, down, expand, close the menus and if I click to the for ex.: menu1 then expand the menu1 submenu and if I click to the submenu in the menu1 then output submenu1 in the chatbox (just for testing) I hope you guys understand what I want to do. But HERE is an example
  6. Thanks, now works. But I got another problem. I want to seperate each skills so I did rows for all skills ak47,m4,pistol etc.... and I want to set all stat when the character is loaded but it's only set the ak stat. Now the code look this: local owner = charID dbQuery(function(qh) local poll = dbPoll(qh,0) for _,v in ipairs(poll) do local ak47 = v["ak47"] local m4 = v["m4"] local pistol = v["pistol"] local silencedpistol = v["silencedpistol"] local deagle = v["deagle"] local shotgun = v["shotgun"] local sawnoff = v["sawnoff"] local spas = v["spas"] local mp5 = v["mp5"] local sniper = v["sniper"] setPedStat(player, 77, ak47) setPedStat(player, 78, m4) setPedStat(player, 69, pistol) setPedStat(player, 70, silencedpistol) setPedStat(player, 71, deagle) setPedStat(player, 72, shotgun) setPedStat(player, 73, sawnoff) setPedStat(player, 74, spas) setPedStat(player, 76, mp5) setPedStat(player, 79, sniper) end end, {},connection,"SELECT * FROM weaponstats WHERE owner=?",owner)
  7. bool setPedStat ( ped thePed, int stat, float value ) value: the new value of the stat. It must be between 0 and 1000. So set the value to 77... I want to get the value from mysql database. It's have a weaponstats table which contains id,owner,ak47 column. And the ak47 table value is 999 and I do query the ak47 row value "local ak47 = v["ak47"]" that's why I did put the ak47 instead of 999.
  8. dbQuery(function(qh) local poll = dbPoll(qh,0) for _,v in ipairs(poll) do local ak47 = v["ak47"] end owner = 1 end,{},connection,"SELECT * FROM weaponstats WHERE owner=?",owner) setPedStat(player, 77, ak47) Bad argument @ 'setPedStat' [Expected number at argument 3, got nil]
  9. Nothing changed with that extra line I think. But thanks @IIYAMA
  10. I will try, thanks! What do you mean? The rotation thing?
  11. I see! I will do more debugs in the future. I already seen your debugging tutorial. And what do you think about my last question? Can fix it somehow?
  12. Okay, I did it with the same code which I attach it to the hand. Now works perfect. But one more thing.... The weapon is moving lumpy (?) it almost jumps out of my hand when I rotate. Watch it in the video: Can I fix this? Or I can't do nothing with this?
  13. But the armaobject is in the loop?! --- debugs --- k returns false arma returns 1 {"DEFAULTAK", 30, 1254} 2 {"GOLDAK", 30, 2965} wep returns false(2x) previousWeaponID returns nil armaobject returns false currentWeaponID returns nil --- debugs --- I'm not sure you wanted these debuglines or in this way but I hope you can understand something It isn't be easier if I attach the weapon to the back like I attach to the hand?