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  1. i'd like to see a stunt movie without modifications to the handling file.
  2. oh god, grow up take it as a compliment. Why do people get so angry when someone thinks that they are so good that they are cheating ? God damn, i'm so good people that that i'm cheating, jesus that pisses me off when people think i'm that good. God damn
  3. sorry, i 'm just really new to this site
  4. oh ok, thanks ! lol btw, do you know how to make it so there's people walking around in MTA ?
  5. lol, holy shit that's awsome ! What map were you using for those ? I'm gonna read up on how to record this stuff because that's awsome !
  6. I know it would prob be extremely difficult, but I'm just saying I'd be cool if the ycould get it. I'm new to this whole MTA thing, just got it last night because i just decided to go out and buy a new computer
  7. That's what i mean i tried to open the gta3.img file and it wont open, what program do you use for it ? I use WinImage.
  8. Not for online, but just in the game ? it says i have to open up gta3.img or something ? please, anyhelp or a link to a guide would be great !
  9. Kinda like in Counter-strike, you can make your own spray, and press a button and it sprays it on the wall or something ?
  10. So i set up a server and then i see all the models on the banner, but then I go into the game, and there's only 5 models for me to choose from ?! Are those all the models for MTA VC ? or are there more I just have to download and install them ?
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