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  1. Any Ideas ? Because I still can't solve it 😔
  2. You can do that in 3ds Max. 🙄
  3. I explained him the problem better but actually he couldn't even help. But I can copy here my explanation that I have written in my PM. So I have a wall object that has 4 different textures. As this pictures shows: https://imgur.com/CSJBkSU ( Texture names: la_carp3, la_carp4, la_carp5, la_carp6 ) I checked them with shader_tex_names resource from MTA Wiki. But I'd have to get the name of the texture that I click on. For example, I click on the right side of the wall object then the function gives as result: la_carp3.
  4. Yes, I know this script. But this is not the thing that I need. So I would have to get the texture name that the player clicks on because the wall object has 4 separeted textures on itself.
  5. So there is the situation: There is a wall object that has 4 different textures applied on different side of the object and I would have to get which side of the wall the player is hovering with the cursor. Is there any solution for it?