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  1. Thank you for fixing this CCW, After 3 unsuccessful MTA client restarts over 10 minutes time, I was able to rejoin as normal with a 4th client restart. And no server restart. My other computer running an identical setup was not kicked at anytime, and has now rejoined as well. Damn, two more forum posts closer to being called offensive names in the sidebar, and having to create a new account before they become intolerably horrible. :-(
  2. You were kicked from the game (SD #21 s-14197522C) The server requires a non-modified gta_sa.exe Please replace gta_sa.exe I own the server. It does not require this. How to disable?
  3. MTA will not receive updates... this Windows XP message... when I click no for the 100th time do I win a free prize? Could you turn it off after a while for good? or make it once a month. It is really not a daily need to know.
  4. Thank you @DNL291, also these mod writers for sharing their work. A great community resource, for the best MP ever!
  5. I am looking for a resource, or to write my own, so that after a new user joins my server for the first time, and completes a small required 5-10mb download, they can then find a GUI that has switches for each of 10 or so additional download packages. On first switch selection it would start a new download of a 100mb modded vehicles resource. and once complete would auto apply these on every join. And if you push the switch later, would turn off the 100mb package. Or for some users they would never download anything. I know how to save their selection, and ask if the files exist, and have for sometime had an unofficial copy and paste download from OneDrive that my friends add. I want to do this all in game with GUI, and no long explanations. Does such a selectable download resource already exist publicly? Or, how do I make a download begin from an in game GUI?