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  1. Hello, currently on the server I render a maximum of 500 objects how to increase it?
  2. Hi, I have a script for moving vehicles (salon), only he has one problem. If I reset the script and I am alone, there is no cut, but after re-entering the server there are cuttings. The script is on the server and looks like this: infernus = createVehicle(411,0,0,0) local objekt=createObject(2034,0,0,0) setElementAlpha(objekt,0) setElementCollisionsEnabled(objekt,false) attachElements(infernus,objekt,0,0,0) setVehicleEngineState(infernus,false) function mainFunction() moveObject(objekt,6000,1,0,0) end mainFunction() However, if I move away from the vehicle and approach it again, there are no cuts.
  3. Hello, you do not know how to add a user to mysql mybb after registration?
  4. How to make models visible regardless of their number?
  5. The swapped train model has no collision and disappears. And if you replace it with another model, it's good.
  6. I need a function that will move the element(moveElement), but it will accelerate at the beginning and slow down at the end.
  7. Anyone know how to perform a function that will raise all objects on the map? There are about 3 thousand objects on the whole map.
  8. Is it possible to create a new map for mta with own roads, buildings etc.?
  9. Obecnie jest bardzo trudno znaleźć personalizacje postaci, dlatego że tylko 2 osoby stworzyły tym coś podobne. Ewentualnie gamemode: SeeMTA v3
  10. Where can I get MTA 1.6?
  11. I don't know English very well and I didn't understand what you are saying. Could you repeat how to get it done?
  12. Hello, do you know how to build new paths for trains and trams?