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  1. السلام عليكم ممكن مثال عن كيف أسوي dxDrawRectangle + dxDrawText Alpha تروح من 200 إلى 50 بشكل مستمر ما توقف Fade effect* تروح من 200 إلى 50 بعدين من 50 إلى 200 و شكرا !
  2. I've got an idea, what about i get the rows from the gridlist and add them to a table? and then i check the countries in the table and ban them? if it works, give me examples how to insert the countries in the gridlist into a table
  3. Oh my god xdd, db is so hard for me I've never used it before
  4. Hello community.. I'm working on a gui panel that lets me ban countries from joining and allow specified people from those countries to enter through their serials: https://imgur.com/a/JZ3Li7O So i would know what functions/events should i use?
  5. Zed159


    Hello community. Anyone here has an idea of how to play Youtube or mp3 links in Speakers?
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