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  1. Los Santos Upgraded ( v.1.0.0 ) Ce este Los Santos Upgraded? LSU este un proiect ce are ca scop modernizarea oraşului Los Santos folosind obiecte default. Zonele modernizate din oraş : Benzinăria Idlewood Cartier Idlewood Cartiere El Corona Secţie nouă de poliţie în El Corona Gara LS Aştept păreri şi idei
  2. Thanks a lot, I'll check this resource.
  3. I do have a little idea about what to do but I am not sure how to implement this thing using as little resources as possible. Maybe this idea is a little over my scripting knowledge, but I think it would be a fun project to try. Idk, I just asked an opinion on which is the best approach to this
  4. This is exactly what i meant, but i am searching for a solution to be optimised as good as possible.
  5. Hi i'd like to create a bus system across LS and i am not sure what approach to choose. Being a bus system, I need the buses to always be synced and moving and i am not sure how to create the bus AI. I know i can use peds control states and lines of sights, but i really have no idea which event to use client side(example : onClientRender) to check all the lines of sights and to change the control states accordingly. Please help me with any suggestions possible, thank you
  6. Link descarcare harta :