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  1. I am not aware, I have to be careful with this. 😃
  2. local sX, sY = guiGetScreenSize() local customFonts = dxCreateFont("Roboto-Light.ttf", 82, true) local scale = {(sX/1920) * (sY/1080)}/2 local R, G, B = 255, 255, 255 function drawRects() --dxDrawRectangle(0, 0, sX*0.104, sY*0.185, tocolor(R, G, B)) --dxDrawRectangle(sX*0.104, 0, sX*0.104, sY*0.185, tocolor(0, 255, 0)) dxDrawText("Hello There!", 0, 0, sX, sY, tocolor(R, G, B) , scale*0.5, customFonts "right", "bottom") end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawRects) function changeColor(_, r, g, b) R, G, B = r, g, b end addCommandHandler("rekt", changeColor) I want to print a text on the screen, but I get this error. ERROR : dxDrawText/text.Lua:5: attempt to perform arithmetic on a table value
  3. @xFabel Thanks Bro ( ͡°◡ ͡° )
  4. (int model) will be replaced with vehicle name?
  5. local rotationElement = createElement("rotationElement") local duration = 1000 addEventHandler("onClienRender", root, function () setElementRotation(rotationElement, 0,0, (getTickCount()%20)/30*360) -- Duration Araba Dönüş Hızı end) local vehicle1 = createVehicle(2500.1000976563, -1662.5999755859, 13.199999809265) setElementParent(vehicle1, rotationElement) local vehicle2 = createVehicle(2499.8999023438, -1673, 13.199999809265) setElementParent(vehicle2, rotationElement) local vehicle3 = createVehicle(2491.6999511719, -1667.5999755859, 13.10000038147) setElementParent(vehicle3, rotationElement) setElementFrozen(rotationElement, false) I don't know if I did it right, but the cars don't turn 360 degrees.
  6. I'll make a showroom-style system.
  7. How do I turn an infernus 360 degrees?
  8. Hi friends, I did the toptime script, but when the map changes it says the name of the previous map. And when the map changes from time to time, the name of the map that appears opens. map names are bug is happening. Help me please.
  9. We did the login panel but at 1280x720 resolution, the background photo is very big but the 1920x1080 background is fully compatible. What should we do. Help