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  1. I have fish.Lua file and meta.xml meta.xml; <meta> <script src="fish.Lua" type="client"/> <script src="fish.Lua" type="server"/> </meta>
  2. @IIYAMA I still didn't fix it, do you know the solution?
  3. So now I changed the "triggerserverevent" command to "triggerevent" as it is client side. Now I am not getting the error I said above. But I still cannot drive vehicles. (createvehicle is on server side still) Full code; local markerParent = createElement("marker-parent") --[[ markerParent = parent marker = child marker = child marker = child addEventHandler listening to: markerParent marker marker marker ]] function buyFish(satinAlim) local money = getPlayerMoney(localPlayer) if (money >= 300) then triggerEvent("buyFish", resourceRoot) outputChatBox("You have bought a fish food.") takePlayerMoney( 300 ) local marker2 = createMarker (1631.6253662109, 576.00537109375, 0.7578125, "cylinder", 1.2, 600, 600, 900, 1000 ) setElementParent(marker2, markerParent) else outputChatBox("You do not have enough amount of money.") end end function botGetir(botdeniz) botarac = createVehicle(473, 1633.3326416016, 563.24768066406, -0.55000001192093) -- server end addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", markerParent, botGetir) -- 473, 1633.3326416016, 563.24768066406, -0.55000001192093
  4. @IIYAMA I added "createvehicle" in serverside but still same, I cannot drive boat. Also I am having this error since long time, maybe it has something to do with it? "Error client selam triggered serverside event buyFish but event is not added serverside"
  5. @IIYAMA Hello, when I spawn a boat or a random vehicle, they are spawning as two. And I cannot get in the vehicles, why?
  6. Hello, the boat doesn't get spawned when I get in the marker, nothing happens. Someone please help me. Code;
  7. selam

    MTA Serial Number

    Hello, can anyone send us virus or something dangerous if they know our MTASA serial about our PC. @Dutchman101
  8. @HassoN I did not do what did you say, but I did something else and now its working. I added triggerserverevent to the line 61
  9. @HassoN I guess you did not understand me, I am trying to buy fishes when I click "buy fishes" button. When I tried your last codes, now "X" button(for close) is not working also "buy fishes" is not working neither.
  10. Everything works except buying, debugscript 3 says nothing, there is no errors. This is my script folder And this is the codes @HassoN
  11. I fixed the error, it was because of the forums. But the code is still not working, I mean, when I click "Buy Fishs" button, my money is still same and I don't have fishs. @HassoN
  12. I deleted end of the line " ) Not works. There is no invisible character.
  13. Line 80 is addEventHandler("buyFish", root, buyFish) And when I delete it, I still cannot buy
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