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  1. Ya man i remember lol im gonna have to look through all my old pics on the game i took bak then lol Could have been TmM_ROCKY you was talking too on TS lol Ya back then not meny clans got on at all, i remember FMJ bak then FNJ_Oli or something..we got with them well, then there was KFC a USA clan, had meny run ins with them! lol
  2. Well i used to play MTA bak in the .2 / .3 days way bak in 2004.
  3. Oh btw if you dont know who i was ill post a link of a topic from YEARS ago. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... c9631bb83c
  4. =TmM= MaDMiKe [CL]


    ANYONE STILL ALIVE ON HERE!!! Oh btw if you dont know who i was ill post a link of a topic from YEARS ago. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... c9631bb83c lmao email me at nemesisboyz@hotmail.com! or add me on PSN maniacmike Or go to my YouTube page: Hotboxcrew69 Fucking insane!
  5. sound gang damo can i b like with ya lol as like a honeray?
  6. Http://TmM-Clan.co.uk I need like 5 servers 3 team speaks and afew cherrys...thxs
  7. Manero takes time ffs u aint gonna get a great clan over night i started my clan with just me on my own...so dotn b so lazy and get ur ass out there and start recruiting!!!
  8. lol jumpying the gun abit aint yas lol
  9. i still c people chatting about usless things here its been ages since i played MTA and yes its still fucked up come on guys if u dont get blue out soon SA might just have MP and ull all b fucked lol
  10. sailor is gay as fuck and i hate the m4 cuz of the reload im an old skool m60er and chain sawer back in the day of 0.1 lol I cant get used to any other weapon plus i aint got the time to learn all the glitches and bugs to them aswell lol MEX'S ALL THE WAY DAMMIT! «LoGîx» u can challage our lower teams ya anytime just say so on MSN. But u wont b playing Team 1 cuz it just wont b fun we will fall asleep lol
  11. Hopefully ill b back once the robber spawns r sorted to get rid of stubby wars and when the M60 is back to its old self!
  12. GL in this world of no MTA players and very little reason to play the game but hey have fun stunting cuz thats what everyone does now lol
  13. like it all but i think the robber spawn should have 4 spawns 1 in each corner of the map.U have put 3 robber spawns in a line i think stubby wars will happen inbetween them and all action will take place near and round there making that the only place to go.
  14. is it me or am i the only one that dident care about the stubby glitching in 0.3....cuz killing them with the M60 was good if u knew what u were doing. All i care about is the M60 being brought back to how it used to b and the robber spawn being spread out.I can handle stubby glitches easy as i was a m60er cuz theres always other ways round things.
  15. na m8 they made it fire shorter range m8 and they made the m4 fire father in 0.4 trust me.
  16. Was that spam or just a dumb post to try and b funny hows mod would it b if it wasent theres u twat i was pointing out facts.
  17. no only the distence was changed far as i know the damage it does now in 0.5 is 15hp. 0.3=less bullets 0.4=shorter fire distence 0.5=less damage caused
  18. Na ur dam right sexyB u c all the skillz these MTA team have got but they aint got the brains to put it all together i thik ur wasting ur time telling them cuz thye havent listened to anyone since they started making this mod they just do what they want at the end of the day.
  19. hey guys wondered if use could help in the TGA i uploaded 2 CSS vids to ya site they siad they have been uploaded but i couldent find them on the download section i done this about 3 weeks ago do u know why?
  20. MTA makers like the stubby the best they so they made the only other gun that could killz stubbyers have less bullets then they made it have less distence now they have made it less damage!!! in real life the M60 is a mother fucking powerful gun!! at the end of the day the MTA team have got skillz but aint got a clue what the fuck to do with them. The only reason everyone stubbys is cuz they made the M60 soo shit they put more distence on the M4 but then u got the fuckin reload bit were it fucks u up if u have pinned sum1 down. MTA TEAM=Stubby lovers and M60 haters! I aint to sure if blue is gonna b what its ment to b cuz the MTA team dont give ashit what we think they just do there own things anyway ive been saying since 0.3 the robber spawn should b like the crusader where they spawn all over the city now look we r at 0.5 and its still the same. And u wonder why i play counter strike source now lol
  21. that is what i have done i kinda quit in 0.4 becuz they fucked up the M60 i was hoping they would have brought it back to normal but they dident so i wont b back. look what they have done to it gave u less fuckin ammo they have made the fire distance shorter and now they have made the damage fuckin less u might aswell use a fuckin water gun! Now look looks like there fucking up another big wepaon of the game! ALL THAT NEEDED FIXED WAS THE ROBBER SPAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! as ive said i dident have one problem with stubby glitchiing cuz the m60 in 0.3 could deal with it easy if u knew what u where doing. The day they bring back the M60 to how it was is the day ill start playing again.
  22. i heard the m60 has been made weaker why take the distance away from the m60 in 0.4 then in 0.5 take the damage down aswell now it will b near impossable to kill a stubbyer with it. In the 0.3 days the m60 was great to deal with stubbyers u had a chance to kill them now u might aswell dig ur own grave. And for stubbys i dident have a problem with glitchs i just hated the stubby wars that went on in every server u got a whole city to use and no one used it.To sort that problem out is easy make the robber spawn all over the place. That way it will b alot more fun hunting people down and killing them.
  23. ive tryed uploading a css video to it but its not on the downloads page yet...i aint gonna upload 400mb for nothing
  24. i can upload it again easy if i can get the ftp for TGA again...
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