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  1. The only minus of models is vertex. Ok, i can make prelighting. I use this model when i creating my project, but on him i using enb shader, which he himself created the light on vertex. Sorry for my eng, i russian.
  2. I just used lighting shaders or colormod. Mulitipoly models don't support prelighting very well.
  3. The second pack, 215 models. Buildings have interiors, mesh collision and more. Price: $15 SCREENSHOTS The fourth pack from arma. 14 Kishlak houses and 41 interior decor, high poly. You could saw this model in arma 2. Price: $5. SCREENSHOTS The third pack, again 215 models. No interiors, mipmap 10, houses, blocks, misc, middle east ambience, high and low polygons. Price: $15. SCREENSHOTS P.S. Not all models shown in screenshots.
  4. 303 new models. The achievements of my old project, now I decided to sell them. Each object has an interior. The windows are shot through, because they dont have collision. Very big houses, several floors and good collision. Ok, watch the screen. I give rar file. It has a script for replacing the models and txt file, where you can see "NAME_MODEL - ID". This my first pack, it weight 200+ MB This models may come to handy in different modes: deathmatch, roleplay, war and so on. For to make a purchase - write me on forum account or gmail - ivanov.danechkaman2000
  5. local models = { ["redhex_oneside"] = 7919 ["redhex_oneside2"] = 7920 ["redhex_oneside3"] = 7921 ["sidemosque"] = 7922 ["mural11b"] = 7923 ["mural12"] = 7924 ["mural13"] = 7925 ["wall_new"] = 7926 ["wall_new_pillar"] = 7927 ["wall_new_stena"] = 7929 ["opx2_side_curve1"] = 7940 ["opx2_side_drvway"] = 7945 ["opx2_side1"] = 7947 ["opx2_side2"] = 7950 ["opx2_side3"] = 7938 ["gate4_part1"] = 7952 ["gate4_part2"] = 7953 ["road_alpha1"] = 7939 } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",root,function() for i,v in pairs(models) do local tex = engineLoadTXD("models/"..i..".txd", v)
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