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  1. How do you guys know that someone posted after you on a topic you didnt make? Do you just click every single reply for every single thing? HOW? i have it so it sends an email to, if its on my thing. if its a reply after my topic thing. but if its not yours????
  2. LETS SEE YOUR WEBDESIGN? ill show you mine fucking geek who reads forums all day god get a life. YOUR A NOOB POST MORE. fuck this gay site. im out
  3. I just registerd and i dont like to waist my time arguing with people online. i dont want to start enemys either so lets all get along
  4. At least i know how to make a fricken website god yours is HORRIBLE. Noobs these days.
  5. http://www.manifestdesigns.com/gnd/ We just made our intro to our site and we will be making movies everyother week. Stay tuned and just check out those downloads page for movies. ALso for any gangs out there who want some compitition register at: http://www.gangsofgta.com Email us also because [gnd] Is recruiting gnd@manifestdesigns.com
  6. check out our short intro. We will soon be making movies ever other week or so. Check back at the site in 2 weeks for the downloads section of the site. 100% of the Movie was made by Burnzy and JOJO Check out it at : http://www.manifestdesigns.com/gnd/ Also If your a gang and want to have some compitition register here: http://www.gangsofgta.com We are also recruiting so email us at gnd@manifestdesigns.com
  7. [gnd]JOJO

    [gnd] Gang.

    Yes, SM xenex that would be cool if we could make a channel in MTA irc. ill do it tonight.
  8. we are still going check out our site... http://www.manifetdesigns.com/gnd/
  9. [gnd]JOJO

    [gnd] Gang.

    We are a gang that was if not the first gang to start. Well i was bored and decided to get our name heard. Come check us out http://www.manifestdesigns.com/gnd/ ^ I use that link instead of http://www.gunsndrugs.tk because at the tk one the popup roster doesnt work. So check us out and come to our channel at #gnd on Gamesnet Random East US Or just click the link at our site. We want some compitition in racing and fights, and we are recruiting.
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