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  1. i think you can just use only ( color 1 - color 2 - color 3 - headlights ) you can use 'none' for only texture and you will have 4 different colors but the 'none' you will can't change it Except if use shader or script
  2. i think it wasn't like this Because i saw in col editor in misc I can make this meterial can moved Also i saw the meterial he moved have "moved items or something like this " In col editor And i saw like every vehicle have something like that [Metal] 65 Car (moving component)
  3. The first question about i maked map with unity and 3ds max 2017 so i cut it to 4 city's Ever part have (2M - 2.5M) so what the limited the dff - col polys (i saw dff file have 3 million polys and work without any problems but some people say the limited is just 60k ) The second question about the col file i saw some vehicle from the game or just new car or airplane has door col with out any codes just dff and col file also txd file So i searched and i found in col editor i can make part from the col file it can move but i don't know how i talk
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