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  1. Kika


    From what i heard i dont think they are planning to return it anytime soon but i might be wrong
  2. Kika


    Timecyc was working fine for me till now i cant join the sv with timecyc. I tested it and its cuz of my data. Is there any solution to enable modifyed data or something like that?
  3. Kika


    Okey thanks for replying atleast and i Will try this method too in a sec.
  4. Kika


    I have already done a lot of Research on this topic and found interesting things but i need to mention some things again to get to somewhere now. Most of the people who have been using timecyc was playing on MTA DD server (shortly you: you need to kill other on the map by pushing them down with your car) I dont think people would choose the default timecyc instead of using brighter timecyc which makes our car WAY more nicer. This doesnt give us any advantage in this gamemode. i can still accept that fact someone of the mta staff wrote: It gives other unfair advantage when you need to kill someone in the dark in other game modes. Its totally right but everyone uses this timecyc so its equal advantage. It would be amazing if someone could get us back the timecyc only for DD or those gamemodes where you dont get any advantage only beauty. Maybe you could get a permission to server owners to enable timecyc on/off so people can use it who doesnt replace it only for unfair advantages. I would love to hear of any updates or replies. this is an example of the gamemode so it cant give us any advantage you can see the difference in the 2 car shinings
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