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  1. holy shit, gamefreek from SM? hey you wouldn't happen to have copies of your crew's old stunt videos, would you? I'd love to be able to show them to the new generation ULK/TLK's as I've spoken about how awesome they were a few times before... never thought I'd stand a chance at nabbing a copy of anything, heh... anyway, I started with MTAVC 0.2 on release day, and multiplayer Vice City mods have pretty much been my favorite online gaming ever since, I still play VCMP to this day with ULK's and our trainees. the only time I ever stopped was when I went to jail, lol. so, if any old farts are
  2. HeAD.ULK


    lol... poor guy, getting shit from people and he's not even the pooley.
  3. HeAD.ULK


    why don't you pay for it then? you guys should all pitch in to bring the domain back, since you all want it more than we do... and if you ever want to feel the fuzzy handcuffs on your dainty little wrists again, get a good 0.4.1 server going and have some victims waiting for us... since 0.5 killed the whole mta community we used to smash on and all that...
  4. shit, I can't believe the Hot Dog clan is still going... someone sing the hotdog song please...
  5. ugh stop modding the weapons.dat and leave it the way it was... the game isnt much like VC anymore, stubby jumping works the same way in SP while switching and crouching are pretty much useless in SP... and now thanks to your mods the stubby is more glitched out than ever, no mobility with nades makes the sailor not fun to use anymore, and you guys got rid of the basic nade glitch but left in the nade inferno. good job on that one though, now i can at least pin cheaters down with it since i can no longer one hit kill them with the stubby. and the m60 does 15 damage? LMFAO just remove the mex
  6. HeAD.ULK

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    i heard the stubby damage was reduced. thanks, now i wont be able to 1 hit kill cheaters
  7. well now that you've deleted our spammed up thread, maybe you can delete the spammers like gunny who spam it up. thanks
  8. lmfao so youre gonna let your members wear another gangs tag? gg
  9. yeah we mob up on servers in groups of 3-6 sailors, theres not too many people who can stop us when we do, except whiney noob admins
  10. ooh btw joo myte wana ficks taht
  11. yes but omgz sum haxx0rs ar stoeling my megahurtz
  13. good luck i hope to see you will be passing the fine art of sailing along to your members
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