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  1. Hey thanks for the hotfix, works great for skip ads its a godsend, but did u find any solution for the not full screen we have now, the screen is cut off at the bottom a bit and at the top there's too much extra space which manifests as white like you'd see on a minimized youtube window on a browser. I'm sure that depending on the type of screen we use other edges are compromised but I can't remember right now exactly which, the key though is the video cant go full screen and this breaks the flow on a massive cinema dome we built. Generally though its the top of the screen that goes white.
  2. Hi @Mr.Loki and @Tails it looks like a new change in youtube api access has broken this script a couple of days ago. It says device no longer supported. At best this can be fixed with a firmware update on a new device that they support in the API, at worst this broke the whole script, what do you think?
  3. Hi guys thanks for this lovely mod. Have you noticed it's bugged with the new mta update? Freeze frames everywhere. I opened a bug notice on the forum
  4. Ok sound is working fine, but the image is still coming out in freeze frames.
  5. It seems like the latest update has spoilt the way servers interact with youtube ingame, for those that have cinemas in them. The image comes out jumpy now with freeze frames every few seconds or so. and I think no sound. Where can we ask about this for a fix or is there one already? It's the same on the three servers in MTA with cinemas. Thanks.
  6. We have a mta server one of us runs on his windows PC. It's been working fine for months, until suddenly this week it started to time everyone out with CD09 and CD16 errors. At first we thought it was the fault of the ton of mods and skins we added in it, but even after deleting them all and setting it up as a basic server we still get continuously disconnected from him. That's the MTADiag of the guy's PC. I had the pastebins of the clients that keep dropping (all of us), but can't seem to find them right now. I've researched these errors but only found them in the client area. This is obviously a server issue as everyone, except him as he's playing from the same PC, gets disconnected from his server. Do you think his ports have stopped working and DMZ is needed. Or some software needs an upgrade so obscure the only way is a reinstall of the OS? Thanks for any help and thanks for developing this great game