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    Hi guys I wanted to tell you more than 16 years have passed on MTA. I missed this game and returned it. The game MTA has achieved a great achievement over the years, where invented servers dayz, pupg, rpg. race, role play, zombie, etc. MTA is minimized for all science games, so I hope that the team of MTA would be the year 2020, the prosperity of MTA, passing through another and proving to MTA in the world of players.
  2. But this will help players to enter any server in any language and adapt easily
  3. I hope from the programmers mta added in f8 translation of the conversation for each country in order to be able to play any person in any server without learning or trying to understand their language and will make communication easy between us
  4. This server very good
  5. But there are some servers that do not appear on the search must write their IP.
  6. add (server type) to list search to be able to find A certain type from servers easily. types like role play or zombie or Rpg or another.. Here
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