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  1. Thanks! I was wondering about this method, but I didn 't know if the objects would be displayed coherently. I understand that everyone will sync, but the players will not be displayed?
  2. I had the idea of creating an interior "With Windows" where there would be a real city, on the example of GTA Online. I kind of figured out how it works and how to do it. But I would like to know if it is possible to make several apartments (In GTA Online the same business or house is in the same place, and the view from the window is the same, but at the same time each player is in its interior). Tell me how this can be created and is it possible at all? Or did I not understand how it was arranged at GTAO?
  3. I understand the algorithm, but I don 't understand how to write it in code. I have x1, y1, z2 - the last coordinates before death, and there are x2, y2, z2 - the coordinates of spawn after death. I got the data, and then what? (How it should look to code)
  4. Hi! I created a few coordinates with a point of spawn. I need the player to be revived after death at a point that is closer to him. How can this be realized? Is it possible to make with a array and radius?
  5. Tell us how to create the movement of the car (I mean to create a transport that will move itself along the specified route). What function do I need to use?
  6. How to write such a function?
  7. Hi everyone! I need to do one feature, but I don 't know how. I need every player who enters the game to assign a certain number starting from 1. And I also need these numbers saved before the player comes out. If the player has left the game, then his number may be taken by another. Help me, please.
  8. Mr. Maxilian


    Hello. There were several questions, someone will be able to help? (I have a system of authorization on clean mysql now. There are such fields as "name", "password', "money" and such other.) 1. Whether as to me to make check such player already on the server is authorized or not. I receive a name of the player for validation of the password with "guiCreateEdit". How to make check that the player with such name did not come into a game yet (that it was impossible to log in one account on 2 different computers)? 2. How to me (for example) to learn how many money at the player from the money field in the database, and to issue to the player (after he is spawn)? 3. Whether it is possible to realize similar such system selection of clothes as on video? If yes, prompt that as?
  9. Prompt how for example to receive quantity of money from the field "money" and to issue them to the player?
  10. 10 line. Unexpected symbol near ' '
  11. Correctly? addEvent("PlayerCheck", true) function PlayerCheck(player, username, password) if type(username) == "string" and type(password) == "string" then local qh_account = dbQuery(db, "SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username=? LIMIT 1", username) local result_account = dbPoll(qh_account, -1)[1] if result_account then if result_account.password == password then-- success else-- wrong password  end else-- wrong username  end end end addEventHandler("PlayerCheck", root, PlayerCheck)
  12. I need to check at first whether there is such login, and then only the right password or not. (Not at the same time)