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  1. maybe it cussed by -slow hard drive / ssd /m.2 (but if an ssd or m.2 is slow there are more serius problems in your pc) -big resources -big models - slow or failed MySQL connect attempts (only if you use MySQL) - no connection between server and hi-speed download website (only if fast download enabled) - too may connect attempts form clients --> need to ignore that so starting is slowing down because ignoring users got priority
  2. If you are connected to the server and you have admin rights simply type in console "shutdown" from Linux: If you are started the server in a screen just go to the screen by screen -R [name of your screen] and then if you are in type "shutdown" or "exit" command to start your server in screen : (if need use sudo for the permissions) cd [directory of your mta server] screen -dmS [name of your screen] screen -R [name of your screen] ./mta-server64 (or if you using 32 bit ./mta-sever)
  3. It looks like you get more than 200000 packet / sec. on your router/modem but what I do not understand what you mean under "modemS" do you have a Multi-Functional Secure Gateway Switch or Are you under d.d.o.s. attack? 200000 is REALLY big amount of packets --> so your server overloaded and it stops... Try: -stop all resource except the game mode play If the problem apparels again you have a serous network problem.. Or something stetted up wrongly in your router/modem/switch
  4. ls: cannot access '/usr/lib/libncursesw*': No such file or directory now what I need to do? i tryd to reinstall again libncursesw* it downloaded 200MB after i tryd the command again but the same error coming
  5. Hi I have a problem whit starting the linux server i use ubunu 19.XX the ssh says: root@server:~/mta# ./mta-server64 libncursesw.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ERROR: Could not load ./x64/core.so * Check installed data files. Press enter to continue... q root@server:~/mta# ldd /x64/core.so ldd: /x64/core.so: No such file or directory root@server:~/mta# ldd root/mta/x64/core.so ldd: root/mta/x64/core.so: No such file or directory root@server:~/mta# ldd x64/core.so linux-vdso.so.1 (0x00007fff41da0000) libncursesw.so.5 => not found
  6. Hi, i have a server maybe more then 4 months i changed 3 hosts and the server always listed in the server browser. Now my server's got a new ip and its begin unlisted. port are open and no illegal content in my server. Somebody tell me why is it not listed and if have solution tell me please.
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